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Florence Hazrat

I read, write, and teach.

I’m a dog-mum and hobby-gardener with moderate success. I like to let nature do its thing, and call my approach “organic gardening”. My neighbours would disagree…

I can do most yoga-bird-poses such as bird-of-paradise, eagle, crow, king-pidgeon, but don’t manage to stand on my head.

I’ve never been bored in my life. No rest for the wicked! Although a dear colleague in Geneva called me “not wicked, only slightly naughty”.

Other than naughty, I’ve been called a dreamer, a unicorn, an elusive fish, and mad but adorable (twice!).

I care about literature, and I also care about the how people treat the earth, their stories, each other.

I value conversation, not so much of the argumentative kind but when it’s generous and explorative.

I have core values, but I also like to change my mind. What is true is mine.

Oh, and my favourite word is orchid.

No idea why. I just like it.