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Aimee E. Liu

​Aimee Liu serves on the Advisory Board of the Academy for Eating Disorders. Her book, Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders, drew on her own experience as well as interviews with more than forty others with histories of eating disorders. Her newest work is Restoring Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Lives: Guidance and Reflections on Recovery from Eating Disorders. This multi-voiced chronicle of the true experience of recovery is comprised of edited letters from women and men in various stages of recovery from eating disorders, from the first turning point toward treatment, through the restoration of physical health, to their ultimate reclamation of vibrant, diverse, and genuinely fulfilling lives. The book also includes professional advice from members of the Academy for Eating Disorders.

Back in 1979, Liu wrote America’s first memoir of anorexia nervosa, Solitaire. She is also a novelist. Her fiction includes Flash House, Cloud Mountain, and Face. These books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.