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Michael Collins

Born in Limerick Ireland, Michael Collins is a relation of the Irish Nationalist hero, Michael Collins. He prides himself on the political and social legacy for which Collins fought and died for on behalf of creating the Irish Republic. Collins is the acclaimed author of nine books, including novels and short stories which have been translated into twenty-two languages that have garnered international acclaim and awards including Irish Novel of the Year, French Novel of the Year, a Booker shortlisted nomination and an IMPAC shortlist nomination. His interest also include computer programming and Collins has worked as a programmer/writer at Microsoft and also headed up Northwestern University’s Medical School Computer Laboratory. An international class ultra-runner, Collins has captained the Irish National Team and in 2010 won a bronze medal at the World 100K Championships. Other running accomplishments include winning The Everest Marathon, The North Pole Marathon, The Antarctic Marathon and The Sahara Marathon.