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Marc Wortman

His next book, The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived: Tom Watson Jr. and the Epic Story of How IBM Created the Digital Age, will come out in October 2023. His books are available in electronic and audio versions and in countries around the world.

Marc served as an advisor for Humanus Films’ multi-award-winning feature-length documentary, “The Millionaires’ Unit – U.S. Naval Aviators in the First World War, which was inspired by the book. To learn more about the film, go to:

Recipient of a John Lyman Book Award (2022), Sigma Delta Chi and CASE feature writing prizes, National Review Book of the Year Award (2022), a Daily Beast Long Reads selection, and a Wall Street Journal Notable Books of the Month choice, Marc has written articles on a wide range of subjects for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Smithsonian, Time, and many other popular and specialized publications. He held a New York Public Library Research Fellowship and was named the University of Texas-Dallas Jalonick Distinguished Lecturer in Aviation History in 2014. The 2022 Naval Submarine League History Seminar, which he keynoted, focused on his biography of Admiral Hyman Rickover. His discovery of a 1918 letter documenting a long-rumored grave robbery of Geronimo’s skull by members of Yale’s Skull & Bones drew worldwide press coverage.

He has taught at Princeton University, Quinnipiac University and other colleges and at a college-level program for inmates at a maximum security prison in New Jersey. He is a fellow at Yale University’s Davenport College and an affiliate of Yale’s International Security Studies Program. He has spoken to audiences around the country and appeared on CNN, NPR, C-SPAN BookTV, History Channel, CuriosityStream and numerous other broadcast and streaming outlets.

Marc was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in the Washington, DC, area. Following college at Brown University, he received a doctorate in Comparative Literature from Princeton University. He lives with his family in New Haven.