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Carne Ross

Carne Ross is a unique new voiceon international affairs and the emerging global order (or disorder).

Carne was a British diplomat who worked on crucial world issues ranging from terrorism and the Middle East, to Afghanistan and the global environment. A former principal speechwriter for the British Foreign Secretary, and the UK’s Middle East expert at the UN, he was one of only two British diplomats to resign over the Iraq war. He is an insider who can explain the true nature of the system to outsiders.

Carne is an experienced TV, radio, web and print commentator. He has appeared

many times on the BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and elsewhere, discussing topics ranging from diplomatic negotiations over Syria to Wikileaks. He has written for many publications, from the Financial Times to the Washington Post. Carne Ross is an important thinker on the emerging new dispensation.

Carne recently appeared on The Colbert Report , The Rachel Maddow Show, and Bill Moyers about his book, The Leaderless Revolution, which is due out in Penguin paperback shortly. Drawing from his experiences as a diplomat, economist and activist, it describes how governments are failing to address our most urgent problems, including mounting inequality and economic volatility, climate change and terrorism. Instead of looking to authority, the book offers an inspiring message of empowerment and self-organized action.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a more interesting, informing and inspiring book” - Bill Moyers

Carne is also the founder and Executive Director of a unique international non-profit, Independent Diplomat (ID). An expert team of former diplomats and international lawyers, Independent Diplomat advises democratic but marginalized governments and political groups so that their views are heard internationally. ID advised Kosovo before independence, and now advises, among others, South Sudan, the world’s newest state, and island states on climate change negotiations. Carne hasadvised leaders on political strategy from all over the world, from the Balkans to Burma. His work was recently profiled in Foreign Policy magazine.