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Felicity Coonan

Found playing in the intersection of feature film, publishing and design, Felicity Coonan has worked creatively in the visual effects and animated film industry since its inception in Australia. Early experience was gained in the UK and Europe, before returning to Australia where she was a foundation member of Animal Logic. Felicity is recognized for her visual style and art directing skills along with her depth of understanding of the animated and visual effects filmmaking process, on which she has lectured extensively.

She is currently back at Animal Logic as Art Director on the Ninja Lego Movie. Other film projects include Happy Feet 2, where she worked on both the marketing campaign and as one of the production Art Directors. Prior to this Felicity worked with Zack Snyder as Associate Art Director for Legend of the Guardians : The Owls of Ga’Hoole, also designing and directing the fully animated 3D credit / title sequence. Felicity conceived and designed the Art of Legend of the Guardians hard book. She loves VR, 3D stereo imagery and all things appy. She is known to work on books, apps, websites and other forms of storytelling design.

When not making movies, Felicity is writing a TV series (a dark comedy about euthanasia) and is also on the Board of Sydney Homeless Connect. Another recent collaboration is Little Soldier Stories - a project developed with Pierre-Jacques and Jules Ober.