We are privileged to work with some of the most exciting authors, chefs, illustrators and personalities in the world. Below you will find a sample of our clients which can be searched by first name, last name or title. For our full client list select, “Find by Name.”

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Dan Waddell
Lisa Wade
Hitendra Wadhwa
Saima Wahab
Holly Wainwright
Grete Waitz
Vikki Wakefield
Gabrielle Walker
John Frederick Walker
Barbara Wallraff
Sara Walsh
Minette Walters
George R. Walther
Dora Wang
Robert Ward
James Ward
Ashley Ward
Louise Wareham
Gallatin Warfield
Lea Waters
Don Watson
Ben Watt
Tiffany Watt Smith
Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson
Alan Webber
Don W. Weber
Cyril H. Wecht
Janine R. Wedel
Patrick Weekes
Scott Weems
Andrew Weil
Deborah Weir
Rene Weis
Joseph Weisberg
Jessica Weisberg
Hendrie Weisinger
Fay Weldon
Anthony Weller
Tessa West
Stephen Westaby
Boel Westin
Paula Weston
Michael Wex
Jay Wexler
Katherine Wheelock
Alexandra Whitaker
Katie Whitaker
Theodore H. White
David Fairbank White
Emily White
Marco Pierre White
Rowland White
Duncan White
Frances Whiting
Timothy Whitmarsh
Giles Whittell
Dennis Wholey
Steve Wick
Madeleine Wickham
Alan Wieder
Alex Wiperfurth
Ava Wilder
Brook Wilensky-Lanford
Hugh Wilford
Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
Sam Wilkin
Josephine Wilkins
Amy Wilkinson
David Willey
Andy Williams
Diane Williams
Glyndwr Williams
Polly Williams
Rowan Williams
Caroline Williams
Sam Willis
Frances Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Jon Wilson
Rohan Wilson
Kelcey Wilson-Lee
Ryan Winfield
Kerry Winfrey
Jay Winik
Alex Wipperfurth
Kimberly Witherspoon
James Lee Witt
Alexandra Witze
P.G. Wodehouse
Christian Wolmar
Danielle Wood
Michael Wood
Wendy Wood
Lee Woodruff
Darcy Woods
Laurie Woolever
David Wootton
Olivia Worley
Marc Wortman
Austin Wright
Jonathan Wright
Robert Wright
Thomas Wright
James Wright
David Wroblewski
Jessica Wu
Hannah Wunsch
Jake Wyatt
Jason Wyrick