We are privileged to work with some of the most exciting authors, chefs, illustrators and personalities in the world. Below you will find a sample of our clients which can be searched by first name, last name or title. For our full client list select, “Find by Name.”

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Robert N. Cahn
Susan Cain
Susanna Calkins
John Callahan
Drew Callander and Alana Harrison
Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Lindsay Cameron
Deborah Cameron
Gordon Campbell
David Cannadine
The Captain
P.E. Caquet
Andrew Carmellini
Gianrico Carofiglio
Matthew Carr
Brian Allen Carr
Scott Carson
M. J. Carter
Andrew Case
John Casey
Tom Casey
Anne-Marie Casey
Madeline Cash
Carol Wiley Cassella
M. E. Castle
Casey Cep
Fernando Cervantes
David Cesarani
Patricia Chadwick
Veronica Chambers
Megan Chance
Jen Chaney
David Chang
Patrice Chaplin
Matthew Chapman
Nick Chater
Jean Chatzky
Susan Cheever
Rudolph Chelminski
Patrizia Chen
Eugenia Cheng
Melanie Cheng
Michael Chertoff
Alan Cheuse
Durga Chew-Bose
Judith Choate
Windsor Chorlton
Michael Chorost
Cara Chow
Nicholas Christakis
Randal Christensen
Hannah Christenson
Claire Christian
Morten H. Christiansen
Stephen Church
Pablo Clark
Lindsay Clarke
Ewan Clayton
Mary Clearman Blew
Aoife Clifford
Anton Clifford-Motopi
Matthew Cobb
Tim Cockey
Joshua Cohen
Mitch Cohen
Susann Cokal
Courtney Cole
Mason James Cole
Kate Cole-Adams
Reed Farrel Coleman
Katherine Collette
Linda Colley
Michael Collins
Roger Collins
Ernie Colón
Eric Colossal
Kate Colquhoun
Larry Colton
Mick Conefrey
Mick Conefrey
Chip Conley
Jonathan Conlin
Kathleen Connell
S J Connolly
Cressida Connolly
Sean Connolly
Benjamin Constable
Ed Conway
Vivian Cook
Elizabeth Cooke
Stephanie Cooke
Felicity Coonan
Michelle Cooper
Kate Cooper
Corynne Corbett
Ian James Corlett
Zoe Cormier
Victor Corona
Gordon Corrigan
Ricardo Cortés
Victoria Costello
Jonathan Cott
David Cottrell
Susie Cover
Alan S. Cowell
Natalie Cox
Meghan Cox Gurdon
Jim Crace
Liz Crain
Eli Cranor
Bryan Cranston
Cindy Crawford
Galaxy Craze
Frederick Crews
Kathy Cronkite
Blake Crouch
Lauren Crowe
Cath Crowley
David Crystal
Amy Cuddy
Helen Cullen
Tim Cummings