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Hana Videen

Hana received her BA at Smith College (Northampton, Mass.), majoring in English Language and Literature with a minor in Medieval Studies. After working as a children’s ESL teacher in South Korea for two years, she moved to London, returning to her love of Old English poetry. Hana did her MA in Medieval Studies at King’s College London, for which she wrote her dissertation on trees in Anglo-Saxon literature. She was recently awarded a PhD in English for her dissertation Blōd, Swāt, and Drēor: Material, Poetic, and Religious Discourses on Blood in Anglo-Saxon Literature, supervised by Professor Clare Lees and examined by Professor Catherine Clarke (Southampton) and Dr Jennifer Neville (Royal Holloway). She is a teaching assistant at King’s College London and has taught on the “Medieval Literary Culture” and “Subjects of Desire” undergraduate modules.