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Jim Rendon

Jim Rendon is a freelance writer who covers business, science, design, the environment and plenty of other topics. He’s gone cage diving with great white sharks, toured remote, ridge-top marijuana grows, visited maximum security prisons and mental institutions and consumed a few, but nearly enough, expense account ribeye steaks in pursuit of the story. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times newspaper, Mother Jones, Marie Claire, Fortune, Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, Outside, SmartMoney and other publications. His book,Super-Charged: How Hippies, Outlaws, and Scientists Reinvented Marijuanawas published in 2012 by Timber Press.

He is a graduate of Ithaca College and University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is a former staff writer at Metro, Silicon Valley’s Alternative Weekly and SmartMoney magazine. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two children.