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Tamasin Day Lewis

After reading English as one of the first women to study at King’s College, Cambridge, Tamasin Day-Lewis joined Anglia TV and became a documentary film director and producer, making over two dozen films for the BBC, C4 and ITV.

She has written 12 cookery books, including Tamasin’s Kitchen Bible, Tamasin’s Kitchen Classics, Good Tempered Food, Supper for a Song, Food You Can’t Say No To and a food and travel memoir, Where Shall We Go for Dinner?. She wrote the Saturday food column for the Daily Telegraph for 6 years, has made two TV cookery series for UKTV Food and still gives master classes all over the world. She appears regularly as a commentator on the radio and writes about the arts for American Vanity Fair. She contributes to numerous magazines and newspapers on subjects related and unrelated to food. She lives mainly in her kitchen, which is in Somerset, County Mayo and London or friends’ houses, where she usually ends up cooking dinner.