“Wess Roberts has succeeded in defining effective principles for managing (and living) and in explaining how to apply those principles effectively in our day-to-day real world.”

— Larry H. Miller owner Utah Jazz on Protect Your Achilles Heel

Protect Your Achilles Heel

ISBN: 9780836252866

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Protect Your Achilles Heel

by Wess Roberts

Now available in paperback, Protect Your Achilles Heel mirrors the immensely successful model created by Roberts in his two previous best-sellers Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun and Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun. Now, he uses the story of Achilles to illustrate how seemingly small character flaws are leading to the downfall of managers the world over—just like Achilles’ minuscule vulnerability, his heel, led to his demise. This powerful book serves as the protective armor managers need to transcend the nine cardinal flaws that erode productivity, create a hostile work environment, and—in the extreme—lead to the self-destruction of one’s career. Roberts then arms readers with nine immortal shields, his leadership virtues, that managers can use to protect themselves against each of the nine fatal flaws.