On the Edge of Darkness

ISBN: 9780385314268

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On the Edge of Darkness

by Kathy Cronkite

They have made the impossible climb into the spotlight and attained their brightest dreams. But for Mike Wallace, Kitty Dukakis, William Styron, Joan Rivers, and countless other people struggling against the debilitating effects of depression, life’s most challenging battle is waged not in the public eye, but in the darkest recesses of the mind. In her brilliant new work, Kathy Cronkite gives voice to dozens of celebrated professionals who have endured—and conquered—the hopelessness of chronic depression. Most of all, this courageous book brings a ray of hope to the 24 million Americans who live in the shadows of this misunderstood disease, yet bravely seek a path toward the light. You will learn:

What to do when the sadness won’t go away.

Why women are most vulnerable to unipolar disorder.

How substance abuse can mask the symptoms of depression.

The latest therapeutic options for children who are affected by their own—or a parent’s—illness.

Which effective new treatments can lift the burden of depression—for up to 90 percent of people who suffer from it!