A Cast is the Perfect Accessory (And Other Lessons I’ve Learned)

ISBN: 9781442483958

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A Cast is the Perfect Accessory (And Other Lessons I’ve Learned)

by Allison Gutknecht

Mandy Berr never even knew how much she wanted a cast until Natalie—boring old Natalie!—broke her own wrist. Now, figuring out a way to get her own beautiful cast, or at least all of the glory that such an accessory brings, is all that Mandy can think about.

Not only is Natalie getting entirely too much attention, but Mrs. Spangle has assigned Mandy’s most favorite person in the world (at least most of the time), Anya, to be Natalie’s buddy. It was bad enough when Natalie took Mandy’s George Washington part in the Presidential Pageant; there is no way Mandy is going to let her steal her best friend, too!

Can Mandy figure out how to keep her friendship with Anya, along with all of her bones, in one piece? If she just had some fancy-dancy periwinkle sunglasses perched on her nose, she is certain all of her wishes would come true.