The Tricky Art of Co-Existing

ISBN: 978-1615192212

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The Tricky Art of Co-Existing

How to Behave Decently No Matter What Life Throws Your Way

How to behave is a skill that many of us are no longer taught, except by trial and error. With wit and perception, and drawing on her own snafus, Sandi Toksvig highlights decency rather than convention in this guide to 21st-century graciousness. (“If you do it right, being a grown-up is just like being a kid . . . without people telling you off.”)

Toksvig advises on the social pitfalls of every life stage (from christenings to condolences) and provides fascinating details about how manners have evolved—from the earliest étiquettes(little cards to remind courtiers how to behave) to the trolls of Twitter. Full of useful information, The Tricky Art of Co-Existing will be a joy for both lifetime readers of Miss Manners and etiquette newbies!