The Rules of Love & Grammar

A woman finds love and closure when she returns to her roots in the newest novel from the author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe.

ISBN: 978-0316382069

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The Rules of Love & Grammar

by Mary Simses

Newly jobless and single, former technical writer Grace Hammond is unmoored. Although she’s brilliant at fixing grammatical errors, Grace hasn’t found the right set of rules to fix her life. Desperate to escape the city and her problems, Grace returns to her Connecticut hometown, where she discovers that the answers to what her future holds might be found by making peace with the past. As Grace attempts to come to terms, finally, with her sister’s death, she rekindles a romance with her high school sweetheart, Peter, now a famous director and in town filming a movie. She also finds herself working at the local bike shop with Mitch, who gets rattled by Grace’s penchant for pointing out mistakes. Torn between the promise of a glamorous life and the allure of the familiar, Grace must decide what truly matters, and whether it’s time for her to throw away the rule books and follow her heart.