The Pain Cure

ISBN: 9780446675864

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The Pain Cure


Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain? Whether your problem is arthritis or back pain, TMJ or PMS, migraine or fibromyalgia, there’s a solution that has worked for thousands. This powerful, comprehensive, four-pronged approach embraces proven techniques from sources ancient and modern, East and West. The lifework of a nationally renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, THE PAIN CURE attacks pain with:

—NUTRITION. Other therapies tell you what nutrients cause pain. THE PAIN CURE tells which ones stop pain.

—PHYSICAL THERAPIES. From exercise to acupuncture, massage to magnetherapy, THE PAIN CURE helps you rebuild your body to stop pain.

—MEDICATION. From herbs to aspirin, homeopathy to hormones, THE PAIN CURE describes the best combinations for eliminating pain.

—MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL PAIN CONTROL. By focusing your own inner resources, THE PAIN CURE gives you stunning control over your pain—and a new awareness of your true self.