The Importance of Manners

A slapstick, satircial novel taking a motley crew of hapless, pampered Europeans on a journey into their very own ‘Heart of Darkness’.

ISBN: 978-1910449202

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The Importance of Manners

by Hande Zapsu-Watt

Burt Darwin is a writer and world religions specialist. Lady Chanel Mallory, a former hand model, has married into the aristocracy and loves romance novels. Her husband Lord Percy, a natural cynic, mistakenly thinks she’s French. Sister Mary dresses like Mother Teresa and hopes to be a nun one day. Four passengers on a cruise ship, thrown together by chance, experience the mysteries and contradictions of contemporary Africa when they take an ill-judged trip into the interior. As each is exposed to ancient African mythology and belief, their hypocrisies, petty jealousies and venality are revealed - with hilarious and unforgettable results. The Importance of Manners is a slapstick, satirical comic novel for adults in the vein of Alexander McCall Smith, Evelyn Waugh and PG Wodehouse, from an acclaimed YA author.