The Healthy Kitchen

ISBN: 9780375710315

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The Healthy Kitchen

by Andrew Weil

Two of America’s most popular authorities on healthy eating and cooking join forces in this inspiring, easy-to-use cookbook. This is not a diet book. It is a lively guide to healthy cooking, day-by-day, packed with essential information and, above all, filled with enticing food.

Andrew Weil, M.D.,author of the best-selling Eating Well for Optimum Health,brings to this perfect collaboration a comprehensive philosophy of nutrition grounded in science. Rosie Daley,acclaimed for her best-seller, In the Kitchen with Rosie,brings to it her innovative and highly flavorful spa cuisine.

The recipes are eclectic, drawing from the healthy and delicious cooking of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Asia, among other cuisines. For starters, you might try Grilled Satay or a Miso Pâté