The Complete Wine Cellar System

ISBN: 9780762415571

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The Complete Wine Cellar System

The gastronomic, financial, intellectual, aesthetic, and social pleasures of wine collecting often lead to the necessity to create and maintain a wine cellar. This down-to-earth guide to conceiving, building, and using one offers in-depth explanations of the whys and wherefores. The text explores such fundamentals as understanding ideal storage conditions, designing the cellar, and choosing the appropriate storage apparatus for a particular collection. Goldberg explains the principles of organization (by grape, region, producer, and vintage, among others), and offers guidance on stocking cellar by acquiring bottles from merchants, wineries, mail order, and auction. He also suggests defining goals, such as short-term drinking or investment for resale, in order to plan the best wine cellar possible for each individual’s needs. The book is accompanied by a CD with specially designed software to help you record and keep track of your wine collection. Both the CD and the book are packaged in a beautiful binder with paper included on which to print a restaurant-quality wine list.