“An extraordinarily learned and inspiring work on Jewish ethics, written with style and clarity, and suitable for experts as well as those unfamiliar with Jewish texts. Rabbi Telushkin aims to make the world a better place by helping his readers translate Jewish learning into ethical behavior.”

— Jehuda Reinharz Richard Koret professor of modern Jewish history and president of Brandeis University on The Code of Jewish Ethics: You Shall Be Holy

The Code of Jewish Ethics: You Shall Be Holy

ISBN: 9781400048359

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The Code of Jewish Ethics: You Shall Be Holy

by Joseph Telushkin

A Code of Jewish Ethics, Volume 1: You Shall Be Holy is the initial volume of the first major code of Jewish ethics to be written in the English language. It is a monumental work on the vital topic of personal character and integrity by one of the premier Jewish scholars and thinkers of our time.

With the stated purpose of restoring ethics to its central role in Judaism, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin offers hundreds of examples from the Torah, the Talmud, rabbinic commentaries, and contemporary stories to illustrate how ethical teachings can affect our daily behavior. The subjects dealt with are ones we all encounter. They include judging other people fairly