“Stover, Forrest and their colleagues are . . . shrewd and insightfully observant field anthropologists . . .”

— Tom Robbins on The Bombshell Manual of Style

The Bombshell Manual of Style

ISBN: 9780786866946

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The Bombshell Manual of Style

by Laren Stover

In this glittering beauty and lifestyle guide packed with pearls of wisdom, Laren Stover has compiled everything a woman needs to know to live the Bombshell life: from how to dress and make an entrance to what to eat and where to shop. It tells readers what makes a Bombshell tick; road-tested outfits for 25 occasions; must-have Bombshell sleepwear, handbags, and fragrances; what’s in the Bombshell library; and what she looks for in a man. With scads of little-known facts about real-life bombshells like Liz, Mae, and Lana this fun and ever-so-practical little book is certain to bring out the inner Bombshell in every woman.