The Be Jane’s Guide To Home Empowerment

ISBN: 9780307339904

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The Be Jane’s Guide To Home Empowerment

by Heidi Baker & Eden Jarrin

Ladies, Tighten Your Tool Belts and Make Your Home Your Own!

Heidi Baker and Eden Jarrin did just that when they found themselves living in fixer-uppers and couldn’t afford to hire professionals to help. With virtually no home improvement experience but plenty of eagerness to learn, they put on their tool belts, picked up their nail guns, and turned their blah and boring houses into beautiful homes they loved. The unexpected bonus? A sense of confidence that touched every aspect of their lives. Inspired by the experience, they started Be Jane, a company that empowers women to change their lives by taking on home improvement projects they never thought possible.

And what the Be Janes can do, you can do! Be Jane’s Guide to Home Empowerment provides all the know-how and reassurance you’ll need to undertake more than fifty projects large and small, from replacing doorknobs to adding trendy concrete countertops in the kitchen. Everything in here can be done by the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer–just check the JQ (Jane Quotient) to see how much time and effort a project will take. So let the sawdust fly . . . and join the thousands of Janes who have learned that home improvement isn’t scary–it’s downright empowering!