Rogue Warrior: Violence of Action

ISBN: 9780743422765

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Rogue Warrior: Violence of Action

by Richard Marcinko

Back from self-imposed exile, the Rogue Warrior enters a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war—military insiders gone bad—and they possess suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is marked for annihilation—but the terrorists are going up against the best in the bloody business. Not only has age weathered the Rogue Warrior into the ultimate fighting machine, he’s also got an entirely new team of heavy hitters—a multicultural band of the toughest operatives available. The battle takes the Rogue Warrior to the extremes of hard-core action with the survival of his country at stake, and Demo Dick has never had a harder fight ahead of him. Is he up to the challenge, or has the Rogue Warrior finally met his match?