No Child of Mine

"No Child of Mine is a hauntingly powerful, equal parts a ghost story and a tale of what we are prepared to do for love. " ― Darcy Coates, USA Today bestselling author

ISBN: 1728270359

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No Child of Mine

by Nichelle Giraldes

There’s something in the dark. And it’s starting to whisper…

Essie Singh has defined herself by her ambitions, a fiercely independent woman whose only soft spot is her husband, Sanjay. She never imagined herself as a mother. It was never a part of the plan. But then she finds out she’s pregnant. As her difficult pregnancy transforms her body and life into something she barely recognizes, her husband spends the nights pacing in the attic, slowly becoming a stranger, and the house begins to whisper.

As Essie’s pregnancy progresses, both her and Sanjay’s lives are warped by a curse that has haunted her family for generations, leaving a string of fatherless daughters in its wake. When she’s put on bedrest, Essie trades the last aspects of her carefully planned life for isolation in what should be a welcoming home, but she isn’t alone. There’s something here that means to take everything from her…