“Although the narratives revolve around Match Day, the story is really about how the system of training and practice affects the personal lives of the youngest doctors. . . . Like the best of Hollywood awards ceremonies, this book’s hook may be what is in those little envelopesCCCCCC but it’s the show that is riveting.”

— The New York Times on Match Day

Match Day

ISBN: 9780312602949

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Match Day

by Brian Eule

Each year on the third Thursday in March, more than fifteen thousand graduating medical students exult, despair, and endure Match Day: the result of a computer algorithm that assigns students to their hospital residencies in almost every field of medicine. The match determines the crucial first job as an intern, and ultimately shapes the rest of his—or, in increasing numbers, her—life.

Match Day follows three women from the anxious months of preparation before the match through the completion of their first full year of internship. Each has long dreamed of becoming a doctor. Stephanie Chao is beginning her career as a surgeon. Rakhi Barkowski must balance her husband’s aspirations with her own desire to work in internal medicine. Michelle LaFonda moves forward in her quest to become a radiologist, but struggles to find progress in her personal relationship. Each woman makes mistakes, saves lives, and witnesses death; each must recognize the balancing act of family and career; and each comes to learn what it means to heal, to comfort, to lose, and to grieve, all while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Just as One L became the essential book about the education of young attorneys, so Match Day will be for every medical student, doctor, and reader interested in medicine: a guide to what to expect, an insightful account of the changing world of doctors, and a dramatic recollection of this pressured, perilous, challenging, and rewarding time of life.