Into the Tower

Full of winding tunnels and fearsome magical traps for intruders, the tower of the reclusive spellbinder princess is usually impossible to breach—apart from tonight.

ISBN: 978-1524883867

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Into the Tower

A Choose-Your-Own-Path Book

by Hari Conner

Once every ten years the gates of the Locked Keep open for the masquerade ball, and it’s your one chance to get inside. Choose to sneak, charm or fight your way up to the room of confiscated magical objects at the top of her tower, where there is something you desperately want…

Welcome to Into the Tower, a fantasy heist where the reader chooses their path, trying to make their way through magic, monsters, and perils to the top of the mysterious spellbinder princess’s tower. Into the Tower expands on the world of Into the Dungeon, bringing even more excitement and adventure from award-winning writer and artist Hari Conner.

If you survive your journey up the tower, you can find out the secrets of the princess’s past and why she locked herself away, become one of the monsters slowly consuming humanity, lose yourself forever in the source of all magic, destroy the world—or even, on the right path, change it for the better.