“By turns funny, charming, thought-provoking and even occasionally philosophical. Like author Freund's debut work, 2005's Love, With Noodles, it lifts with a sweet and gentle wisdom while never hesitating to add a rich laugh.”

— Linda L. Richards January Magazine on I Never Saw Paris

I Never Saw Paris

ISBN: 9780786720545

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I Never Saw Paris

On his way to a department store in Manhattan, 64-year-old businessman, Irving Caldman, is waiting at the intersection of Park Avenue with three other pedestrians, when a driver jumps the curb and runs them all over.

The next thing Irving knows, he is no longer preparing for a trip to Paris with his wife. Instead, he is watching four faces as they ascend to heaven, on their way to be greeted by the angel Malakh. Accompanying Irving are an attractive personal shopper in her early fifties