From the Jump

From the wild, wonderful landscapes of South Africa to the sun-soaked streets of Southern California, Liv must decide what's more important - love or friendship - unless, of course, she can figure out how to have both . . .

ISBN: 9780593328279

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From the Jump

by Lacie Waldon

Liv has spent her whole life doing what’s expected of her, not what she wants. Determined not to turn out like her mother, Liv plans every day, every decision, to perfection.

But one day, Liv snaps: instead of her usual ‘yes’, she finds herself saying ‘no’. And it feels good - so good she wonders if being happy is more important than being perfect.

Quitting her job and jumping into her newfound freedom with both feet, she spontaneously decides to join her group of friends on their holiday in South Africa. But in that group is Lucas - gorgeous and emotionally unavailable Lucas. Their friendship is the one thing in her life that’s still solid and Liv knows she can’t mess it up - even if it means missing out on the one thing she truly wants . . .