“Marc Barasch shares with the best science writers an ability to make you feel the excitement of discovery. His book will interest anyone who struggles to be kinder in a not-so-kind world.”

— Garret Keizer Washington Post on Field Notes on the Compassionate Life

Field Notes on the Compassionate Life

ISBN: 9781576757567

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Field Notes on the Compassionate Life

by Marc Barasch

How can compassion, a trait hardwired into our nervous system and waiting to be awakened, transform our lives and the world at large? Marc Barasch provides up-to-the-minute research to timeless spiritual truths, and weaves a stirring, unforgettable story of the search for kindness in a world that clearly needs it. With unfailing curiosity, Barasch poses vital questions: What can we learn from exceptionally empathetic people? Can we increase our compassion quotient with practice? What if the great driving force of our evolution were actually “survival of the kindest?” He comes up with challenging, ultimately inspiring answers. With encounters as diverse as observations of compassion amongst bonobo chimpanzees, to the story of a man who forgives his daughters killer, to teenage Palestinian and Israeli girls trying to wage peace, Barasch blends hard science and popular culture with his own hip, engaging narrative style to create a smart, provocative argument that a simple shift in consciousness changes pretty much everything.