E is For Environment

ISBN: 9781439194560

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E is For Environment

by Ian James Corlett

Helping kids think about their earth’s future is no easy task.

These days, there’s a lot of talk about being green, buying organic, and protecting our planet, but making eco-friendly choices can be hard for busy families. Luckily, Ian James Corlett—an award-winning children’s TV writer and author of E Is for Ethics—is back with a guide that makes saving the environment a fun family adventure. Best of all, Elliott and Lucy—who made values and morals so accessible in E Is for Ethics—are here to help.

In these stories, Elliott and Lucy learn that being good to the environment isn’t a big chore—it’s actually pretty cool! (And they get to teach Mom and Dad a thing or two along the way.) With this engaging read-together book, families will see that the small things they do every day can make a big impact. Teaching your children about the planet has never been so easy or entertaining—and before you know it, they’ll be reminding YOU to recycle!