Bravely Journal

ISBN: 9780762471522

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Bravely Journal

A Guided Journal for Imagining a Future You'll Love

by Quotabelle

Your story. Your ideas. Your future. Unlock your unique potential with the Bravely Journal, an inspiring collection of guided prompts and empowering quotes by remarkable women past and present.

From the authors of Bravely, Beautifully Said, and Grit & Grace comes a guided journal designed to spark the imaginations of today’s changemakers. Drawing on some of the most iconic themes from the Bravely book — including courage, resilience, compassion, and creativity — this beautiful, content-rich journal features more than 90 quotations, from historymakers like Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman, Congressperson Gabby Giffords, and groundbreaking activist Rosa Parks, alongside thought-provoking prompts. Its pages give you space to record and reflect on your personal story while mapping out next chapters. Filled with inspiring bios, share-worthy wisdom, and expert tips for making your indispensable voice heard, the Bravely Journal is a perfect companion for crafting a life of purpose. It also makes an ideal gift to mark a milestone, kick start a new project, or rev up a team.

The Bravely Journal is part of a collection of print goods dedicated to celebrating and empowering female historymakers that has been created by Quotabelle, a start-up with a mission to elevate women’s voices through the power of words.