“Gripping and thoughtful . . . Nunn brilliantly combines character and fair play clues.”

— Publishers Weekly on Blessed Are the Dead

Blessed Are the Dead

ISBN: 9781451616927

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Blessed Are the Dead

by Malla Nunn

Emmanuel Cooper’s life is finally back on track when a request comes from Colonel van Niekerk that he report to the local police station in Balgowan, a small trading post in the Natal Midlands. When Cooper arrives, he learns of the disappearance of an adolescent Zulu girl in the wild foothills of the Drakensberg—and the local police are reluctant to search for her.

Sensing that something terrible has happened out on Little Flint Farm, Cooper plunges into the class driven life of transplanted English aristocrats and the traditional world of the old Zulu chiefs. He must break the silence of the opposing communities and dig through their buried secrets to find out what happened to the girl, and why…no matter the cost.