Between Trapezes: Flying Into Your New Life

ISBN: 9781579549282

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Between Trapezes: Flying Into Your New Life

by Gail Blanke

With record unemployment, divorce rates and financial instability, more people than ever before will find themselves in transition. Most of us are afraid of the in-between times-those stretches between jobs, between lovers, between a past that is stifling our dreams and a future that is scarily, precariously unknown. We are so reluctant to face uncertainty that often we cling to a view of ourselves that we know can never allow us to soar, that keeps us from leaping headlong into an exuberant life.

But what if we could learn to embrace uncertainty and propel ourselves forward with a sense of curiosity and adventure, rather than fear and trepidation?

In Between Trapezes, Gail Blanke helps us to do just that. Blanke, the bestselling author of In My Wildest Dreams: Simple Steps to a Fabulous Life, shows us that the “in-between” can be the best of times. She offers a practical and inspirational guide that will enable us to let go without our safety nets beneath, and fly through life’s transitions with the daring of the circus trapeze artist.

Unlike other books that concentrate solely on surviving career and other life transitions, Between Trapezes exhorts us all to reject the routine and predictable in favor of the adventurous and the serendipitous. With exercises and motivating tales of real people from all walks of life who summoned the courage to welcome a new start and create a whole new self, Gail Blanke demonstrates that the real thrill in life is not in the landing