As Husbands Go

ISBN: 9781451633368

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As Husbands Go

by Susan Isaacs

Susie B Anthony Rabinowitz Gersten was sure her marriage to Jonah Gersten, MD—adoring spouse and doting father to their young triplets—was perfection. But when the Park Avenue plastic surgeon is found dead in the Upper East Side apartment of second-rate “escort” Dorinda Dillon, nothing makes sense to Susie—not Jonah’s sexual liaison with someone like Dorinda, not the over-the-top politeness of Jonah’s partners, and definitely not being universally pitied (widow of murder victim!) and quietly mocked (husband paid for sleazy sex!) by everyone she knows. Then her tough-talking, super-chic grandma Ethel flies in from Miami, and together they take on Jonah’s snooty parents, his egotistical colleagues, the NYPD, and the DA as Susie tries to prove that her wonderful life with her husband was no lie.