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Anne Sinclair discusses My Grandfather’s Gallery at La Maison Française

On September 23, 2014, almost 75 years after her grandfather, one of the most famous European art dealers disembarked in New York, one of hundreds of Jewish refugees fleeing Vichy France, Anne Sinclair sat down with Kati Marton at La Maison Française NYU to discuss My Grandfather’s Gallery, available now.

Janine di Giovanni on the brutal realities of Frontline Reporting via Newsweek

Janine di Giovanni is a frontline reporter. It's a job that many may not understand but, now is the time to understand it. With the recent beheading of James Foley we can no longer turn a blind eye to those who risk their lives to give us the news.

Richard C. Morais’ Hundred-Foot Journey

"My surreal journey into the world of movie-making started long before my family and I walked down the red carpet two weeks ago. That was the night producers Oprah Winfrey, Steven ­Spielberg, and Juliet Blake showcased their beautiful film of The Hundred-Foot Journey, my novel about a young Indian chef who becomes a three-star chef in Paris."

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